Get Transactions Of An Account

Retrieve a list of finalised transactions that the account is involved in.


The maximum number of transactions retrieved per batch is 1000


  • hash - The account/wallet hash to query for
  • utcFrom - (optional) The start of the epoch timestamp range to filter for transactions
  • utcTo - (optional) The end of the epoch timestamp range to filter for transactions
  • inflow - (optional) Indicate this as true to include inflow transactions that transfers funds to this account
  • mint - (optional) The mint(s) to filter the transactions by. If the mint field is not empty, response data returned will filter the transactions that includes the mint stated
  • limit - (optional) The maximum limit of number of records to be returned per response (Maximum is 1000)
  • page - (optional) The page number to retrieve the results


Valid Account Hash

[<object>] - an array of JSON objects each containing:

  • blockTime:<integer>, The block time that this transaction is published
  • confirmationStatus:<String>, Only finalised transactions will be returned from this API, so this field could be expected to be finalised
  • err:<object | null>, This field will indicate an object if the transaction error-ed, else it will be indicated as null
  • memo:<object | null>, The memo that comes along with the transaction (transaction memo)
  • signature:<String>, The transaction signature
  • slot:<integer>, The slot number that the transaction finalised in

Invalid Account Hash

<object> - a JSON object containing the following fields if the requested account doesn't exist

  • code:<integer>, The error code
  • message:<String>, An error message to indicate which part of the query went wrong
  • status:<String>, The response status following the error code
    • 400 = Bad Request (client side)
    • 500 = Internal Server Error (server side)
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