Get On-Chain Token Data

This endpoint returns you the token data stored on-chain


This endpoint is still in the Beta stage.


This endpoint only returns you the specified token data that is retrieved from both on and off chain


Valid Response

<object> - A JSON object containing the following fields:

Example of a valid response:

    "id": "7atgF8KQo4wJrD5ATGX7t1V2zVvykPJbFfNeVf1icFv1",
    "info": {
        "decimals": 2,
        "extensions": [
                "extension": "transferFeeConfig",
                "state": {
                    "newerTransferFee": {
                        "epoch": 551,
                        "maximumFee": 99999999999999904,
                        "transferFeeBasisPoints": 400
                    "olderTransferFee": {
                        "epoch": 551,
                        "maximumFee": 99999999999999904,
                        "transferFeeBasisPoints": 400
                    "transferFeeConfigAuthority": null,
                    "withdrawWithheldAuthority": null,
                    "withheldAmount": 46075413667825141
        "freezeAuthority": null,
        "isInitialized": true,
        "mintAuthority": null,
        "supply": "99995300644040582"
    "slot": 261024648,
    "type": null

Invalid Response

<object> - a JSON object containing the following fields if the requested account doesn't exist

  • code:<integer>, The error code
  • message:<String>, An error message to indicate which part of the query went wrong
  • status:<String>, The response status following the error code
    • 400 = Bad Request (client side)
    • 500 = Internal Server Error (server side)
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