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how do i tranfer token from solanafm to my phantom wallet

How do i tranfer token from solanafm to my phantom wallet

My wallet account shows transactions that are not mine

I am not an expert, for some reason i was going through an old transaction and was confused to see that there are transactions in it that I have never made. Also, in the tokens tab it shows that there are coins in holding which is also incorrect. See this account - 96sxiQPay1bKac2bmACd15AuRSK3TcNVY2bsksWasQPM

How to get my new coin verified and the yellow "!" removed?

How to get my new coin verified and the yellow "!" removed? I may just be missing it but I cant seem to find anything in DexScreener, SolScan or SolanaFM on how to address the issue. Any help would be great!

My pyth token has no value to our

I bought 3 days ago in CB wallet some Pyth because a unlock was coming up. But there is no value attached to it. So can't swap, or send it. Now since yesterday CB wallet shows the same token but this one does have the price attached to it and you can buy the same in other wallets. How do I change my Pyth Network into the new on or attach the current price to it? I can't swap in back and am losing money on it

hacked my coinsㅠㅠ Amount lost 50000 USD

I bought it during the Solana-based $sloth Memcoin Presale. While receiving coins, we exchanged questions on Twitter I was told to go into the strange site link and connect the phantom wallet. After connecting the phantom wallet, the coins in the wallet disappeared the next day. Below are the numbers that hacked my coins. <https://naver.me/5rZtnfsM> This is my wallet address. 73MubihUbykXLaMr2yXFbSuDGLNrQKdcN5wmDWvDmpmE <https://twitter.com/SlothanaCoin> If you look at this Twitter reply, there are a lot of comments from people who say it's an official site. I also accidentally clicked on one of these and it was stolen. The Twitter owner doesn't block them. It seems to be a gang of hackers. Amount lost 50000 USD

Zelda 2.0 Frozen

Hello, i bought on 7 may, zelda 2.0 coins, they are in my wallet but they are frozen. What does it means and how can i unfrozen it? <br /> With kind regards, <br /> Michel

Pamela Eldridge Owner

Can you please add the Coinbase wallet address, 2AQdpHJ2JpcEgPiATUXjQxA8QmafFegfQwSLWSprPicm, to my request? Thank you.

Please tell me who I can contact to open a Solana FM wallet I accidently sent my SOL to?

On December 31, 2023 I initiated a transfer on Coinbase Exchange 1. Coinbase transferred Block 239.092.389, transaction hash 5pd21Q7BxEKcH1SwkSauVEzv9MNuatcB46fET6tdqrbq8VZGVXc47RDnf7hnoDqfY7YeG8JHYQvK2UP8XJJ8HSMh to Solana FM wallet JAZurnvc56bjEFdgmh9najqahsZsqt81BtHgePdQZsW1. The SOL that was transferred is still in the Solana FM wallet. Can you please transfer the SOL back to my Coinbase account? Your attention and cooperation to rectify this would be greatly appreciated. Best regards Pamela Eldridge

Download token swaps

How to download all swaps of a specific token into a csv file?


How I can contact or chat or exchange messages with dex token developer?