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How to get a specific account?

I ran the command: ``` curl --request GET --url <https://api.solana.fm/v0/accounts/{accountpubkey}> --header 'accept: application/json' ``` and it says error 404 I ran the command here: ``` curl --request GET \ --url https://api.solana.fm/v1.0/accounts/{accountpubkey} \ --header 'accept: application/json' ``` And it says Nothing To See Here. What does Nothing To See Here mean? Does it mean it is success 200? Why is my account returning nothing?

reverse a transaction or sending to the right address

Hello, My name is Scott Truong and I was wondering if you guys can reverse a transaction? because I forgot to add a number or letter in the address I sent the funds to. Here is the Address it is under the Solana network 6tqSodBckkqtv7ESSsMH98uG1UA2XQzrvmrm5ic5jf6 i sent 34.3898 to this address and it was suppose to go to address 6t1qSodBckkqtv7ESSsMH98uG1UA2XQzrvmrm5ic5jf6. Please help. Here is the transaction ID 4PJtnRxVDsy4G2n8kh3XtVaiStRBq9i8sDtEGYWrNPxF5ZuqY7Q9TTUtZr3S2MwdN2JrCH6G4BASWbwrx4NRT34Z

Does "Get Transfers Of An Account" Endpoint supports devnet?

Does this support devnet?

Transactions with processed

how can i get transactions with "processed" status

API Updates

Hello! How long does it take for data here to update? <https://api.solana.fm/v0/accounts/{hash}/transfers> Thank you!