Transfer Transactions

Retrieve a list of transfers for a given transaction hash.


  • hash- the transaction hash to query for


Valid Response

<object>- a JSON object containing the following fields:

  • transactionHash:<String>, the transaction hash
  • data:[<object>], an array of transfer movements
    • instructionIndex: \, the parent instruction index of this movement
    • innerInstructionIndex:<integer>, the inner instruction index of this movement, will be -1 if this movement is recorded in the parent instruction
    • action:<String>, the transfers action identified
    • status:<String>, the status of the transfer
    • source:<String>, the source of the movement
    • sourceAssociation:<String | null>, the source association account hash
    • destination:<String | null>, the destination of the movement
    • destinationAssociation:<String | null>, the destination association account hash
    • token:<String>, the token hash of the token being transferred
    • amount:<integer>, the amount being transferred
    • timestamp:<integer>, the timestamp of this movement

Example of a valid response:

  "status": "success",
  "message": "Retrieved Transactions Info",
  "result": {
    "transactionHash": "FUCoNwzCfPugjBwR4Q2uzDMZJdA3E5GAqDB1HGgfi3cTPyqBk11HniqQCGSCin3oBGQLFwcQ3fEHdsEJbgaZZ5p",
    "data": [
        "instructionIndex": -1,
        "innerInstructionIndex": -1,
        "action": "pay_tx_fees",
        "status": "Successful",
        "source": "4cKNZSta5KhUGwVVWgyr1uhnzioNDdV1bNkhmfDbtVPJ",
        "sourceAssociation": null,
        "destination": null,
        "destinationAssociation": null,
        "token": "",
        "amount": 6600,
        "timestamp": 1685094468

Invalid Response

<object> - a JSON object containing the following fields if the requested account doesn't exist

  • code:<integer>, The error code
  • message:<String>, An error message to indicate which part of the query went wrong
  • status:<String>, The response status following the error code
    • 400 = Bad Request (client side)
    • 500 = Internal Server Error (server side)
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