Revolutionize your Solana node querying experience with our Enhanced RPC service. Unlock parsed data unavailable elsewhere, providing unparalleled insights for your projects.

Solana's existing JSON RPC API via HTTP and Websockets offers parsed data for native programs using the "jsonParsed" flag. Documentation to these methods can be found here:

Our Enhanced RPC goes beyond, extending parsed data accessibility to non-native programs as well, ensuring a user-friendly, human-readable experience for all Solana users.


This service is still in the Beta stage.

Enhanced parsing is on best effort basis.

Lifecycle of an RPC request in SolanaFM's RPC infrastructure.

Lifecycle of an RPC request in SolanaFM's RPC infrastructure.


ExplorerKit is a powerful service designed to parse transaction data on the Solana blockchain, for both native and non-native programs. By leveraging Interface Definition Language (IDL) files from these programs, ExplorerKit provides users with the ability to extract and understand data more efficiently.


ActionsKit is an innovative service that operates on top of ExplorerKit that analyses transaction data parsed by ExplorerKit and generates concise one-line descriptions of the actions represented by the data. Leveraging machine learning techniques, ActionsKit provides developers with an intuitive way to interpret transaction data on the Solana blockchain.

For developers who wish for their program to be included in our IDL list for enhanced parsing, please contact us at [email protected].