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wie kann ich ein Token schicken an eine andere wallet

where is the websocket docS

hello does anyone have documentation for solanafm websockets please

how can i see what data limts have been excced if any and how many requests i have left ?

how can i see what data limts have been excced if any and how many requests i have left ? my code workd ine one minute but i get all sorts of errors thrown the next all im doing is looking at transactions.

Why "Get Transfers Of An Account" misses particular transfers

When I use this method to collect all transfers in some time period, it returns empty "results" array despite the fact that there are transfers in this period. For example, I scan wallet for transfers in period from 1710730800 to 1710738000 and it sends me empty response, but if you look by yourself there are plenty of transfers in between those timestamps and their timestamps exactly between those I specified.

Solana Tokens

Hello, I was wondering if when you add tokens to your '<https://api.solana.fm/v0/tokens'> routes. Are the new tokens added directly at the end, which means that the last pages added can be indexed, or are the tokens added under a different criterion and distributed throughout the different pages?

Subscribe for failed tx

Hello. Is it possible to subscribe for failed transactions and pass this data to the webhook? For example I have this address <https://solana.fm/address/C3XeREuHtXyB1nN7jCHbZTGjEx6Zu5NY4YiXCXmhccKZ/transactions> and I need get failed transactions which will be sent to the webhook. Thanks.

How to know my balance nft

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How to get a specific account?

I ran the command: ``` curl --request GET --url <https://api.solana.fm/v0/accounts/{accountpubkey}> --header 'accept: application/json' ``` and it says error 404 I ran the command here: ``` curl --request GET \ --url https://api.solana.fm/v1.0/accounts/{accountpubkey} \ --header 'accept: application/json' ``` And it says Nothing To See Here. What does Nothing To See Here mean? Does it mean it is success 200? Why is my account returning nothing?

reverse a transaction or sending to the right address

Hello, My name is Scott Truong and I was wondering if you guys can reverse a transaction? because I forgot to add a number or letter in the address I sent the funds to. Here is the Address it is under the Solana network 6tqSodBckkqtv7ESSsMH98uG1UA2XQzrvmrm5ic5jf6 i sent 34.3898 to this address and it was suppose to go to address 6t1qSodBckkqtv7ESSsMH98uG1UA2XQzrvmrm5ic5jf6. Please help. Here is the transaction ID 4PJtnRxVDsy4G2n8kh3XtVaiStRBq9i8sDtEGYWrNPxF5ZuqY7Q9TTUtZr3S2MwdN2JrCH6G4BASWbwrx4NRT34Z

Does "Get Transfers Of An Account" Endpoint supports devnet?

Does this support devnet?