Introduction to Hyper

Simple to use suite of APIs for Solana developers.

What is Hyper?

Hyper is an API-driven service implementing a suite of human-readable, high-performance, and scalable APIs on top of Solana. Hyper is built on top of Rust and adopts the now commonly adopted REST API structure. Hyper allows you to query Solana's data easily while you focus on building your application.
Source attribution via a backlink or a mention that your project is "Powered by SolanaFM APIs" is required except for personal/private usage

Why Hyper?

Hyper is built against some of the blockchain's benefits. Although Solana is built performant from day one, SolanaFM adopts the "Never Trust User Input" principle in engineering. While ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) machines (i.e. Geyser by Solana) provide high-performance throughput for data extraction and processing, a scalable and performant data store is required at the back for data storage/warehousing.
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    Hyper depends on a dynamic amount of RPC servers (The more servers it depends on, the more resistant it is against data inaccuracy).
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    Hyper removes the abstraction in Solana's raw data so that only the important information is retained, exponentially increasing result readability (ETL is done out of the box).
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    Hyper is fast. Very fast. A finalised transaction's data will generally be ready on Hyper APIs in < 5 seconds - As SolanaFM scales overtime, time to data readiness will improve (to sub second level).
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    Hyper is lightweight. It currently runs on top of small-sized VMs and is capable of serving thousands of users.